We are dealers in fine art established in 1970 by Gil Einstein.

Anne MacDougall Einstein joined the company in 1990 and is now the principal after Gil Einstein's death in 2012. Dr. Milton Adams began working with Einstein in 2014.


Einstein's ever changing inventory in modern and contemporary American art has an emphasis on prints by American contemporary masters: Agnes Denes, Jasper Johns, Wayne Thiebaud, Mavis Pusey, Louise Nevelson, Susan Rothenberg, Vincent D. Smith, Paul Fabozzi, Pat Keck and others. We represent the prints of Allan D'Arcangelo, and Julian Stanczak, and the photographs of Todd Webb, Milton Adams, and Alexis Peskine.


Wayne Thiebaud


Allan D'Arcangelo


Mavis Iona Pusey


 Julian Stanczak